Paint and Sip events have continued to grow in popularity. Everyone from bachelorettes to families have discovered paint and sip studios for a night of entertainment. However, these events tend to be centered around certain holidays, days of the week, and how full the class is can be dependent upon a number of factors.

Expanding Your Business with Paint and Sip Home Parties

You could open an additional location, but to make that truly viable you’ll have to find a location far enough away from the first to reach new clientele. Another way to expand your services and ensure you have parties booked on all available dates is to start offering in-home paint and sip parties.

Paint and Sip home parties give you the opportunity to add birthday parties, girls night out, and even reach out to the homeschool community in your area. In-home parties are also a great opportunity to reach new clients you otherwise wouldn’t have reached.

As always, be sure to check liquor laws in your area to ensure you are complying with rules and regulations for serving wine. The rules should be more relaxed in a private home, but it’s always best to be certain.

Get the Word Out

Once you decide to offer Paint and Sip home parties, you’ll want to start with your current mailing list. Let all your customers know that you are going to start offering these parties right in their own homes and that you’re available to start booking the parties on a specific date.

You might want to start by offering a discount on your typical fee to get the first few parties booked. One idea is to set these up like some of the direct sales companies where you offer the hostess a gift for having you in her home. So, you might offer her a free frame to go with her painting for example.

  • Send a mailer to everyone on your current list
  • Call favorite customers and offer to have a party in their home
  • Offer a discounted rate for paint and sip home parties
  • Inform customers who attend an event at your store that you are now offering this service
  • Team up with homeschool groups to teach painting classes and make the sip part lemonade or iced tea

On the Road

It can be more of a challenge to take all your supplies on the road with you. You’ll definitely want to plan ahead so that your paint and sip class is more portable.

  • Purchase disposable clear plastic wine glasses or coordinate with the hostess to be sure she has enough wine glasses on hand for all the guests.
  • Who will provide the snacks? Should you bring them with you? Will the hostess offer snacks to her guests?
  • Purchase portable easels that can be set up on a table top.
  • Don’t forget the paint, brushes, and mixing palettes.
  • Use disposable cups for water to rinse the paint brushes in. Use disposable towels as well.
  • Take along business cards and brochures to hand out to Paint and Sip home party attendees.

Booking While There

While you’re at an in-home party, you can be certain you’ll meet at least a couple of new faces at each event. This is the perfect opportunity to reach new customers. Offer an incentive for people to book a party while at another in-home party.

Explain how you can customize the event for a particular occasion. Offer a special free gift that they can’t refuse. Ask for their help in growing your in-home party business by booking a party through you. Expand your paint and sip business in a smart way that reaches out to clients already in your loop and pulls in their family and friends.