A paint and sip event makes a great fundraiser. Some aspects of paint and sip fundraising events are quite different from a typical for profit event.

Tips for Paint and Sip Fundraising Events

There are some things that will be the same regardless if your event is for a non-profit or for-profit.

These include:

  • Encouraging ticket buyers to spread the word about your event.
  • Providing Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media share buttons.
  • Setting clickables, such as links to your event page, registration pages, etc.

How a Fundraiser Differs from For Profit Events

Some of the ways paint and sip fundraising events differ from a for profit event include:

  • Depending on your venue, you’ll probably need to set a minimum and maximum number of attendees.
  • Net profits will go directly to the fundraiser.
  • Take advantage of having volunteers to assist in helping with the event planning and execution.
  • Assess amount of money (net profit) desired to raise from your event.
  • Plan your budget to ensure you meet the net profit goal.
  • Most fundraisers don’t offer refunds or credits for cancellations.
  • Design a theme-based painting just for the event.
  • Sponsors participate in providing event swag for attendees, door prizes and other incentives.
  • Build goodwill by offering a door prize as part of your package.
  • You can also give attendees discount coupons for future events.
  • Present the themed painting to the fundraiser at the end of the evening or auction it off.

Promoting Your Event

Of course, you’ll promote your fundraiser much the same way you would other events through social media and email. However, you’ll also have the added exposure via the recipient of your fundraiser.

  • Take advantage of local public service announcements for free local promotion.
  • Arrange for fundraising organization and/or your company to appear on local TV and radio to promote the event.

Working with Fundraising Recipient

The recipient of your fundraiser is a valuable promotion ally. Their organization should promote the event aggressively.

  • The fundraising recipient should utilize its fundraising network to the fullest to get the word out about the event.
  • Be sure that you work with the organization to gain a full understanding of how they can use their social media, email lists and various connections to further promote the event.

After the Event

There are several things you’ll want to do after your event that will build on the goodwill you established with your community and the fundraising organization.

  • Sell the paintings created during the event in an additional event to raise more funds. These can be sold at a community art show or you can hold an auction that includes these works of art.
  • Offer a set number of paint and sip classes to auction with the proceeds going to the charity.
  • Make sure that you send a thank you note to each person who helped make your event a success, such as volunteers, vendors, sponsors and your own staff.

Benefits to Community and Your Company

A paint and sip fundraiser can have far-reaching benefits for your community as well as your company.

  • Your community will come together in this fun event and strengthen business and personal relationships.
  • Participation gives a sense of belonging to the larger community.
  • Having your business associated with an altruistic event can establish or bolster your standing within your community.
  • People will associate your company with the charity long after your event.
  • You’ll be able to take advantage of invaluable networking opportunities.
  • Name recognition is a highly valuable benefit of a successful fundraiser.
  • The event affords you the opportunity to grow your business base.

Follow these tips and work closely with the fundraising organization to ensure a successful event. Your community will have a greater appreciation for your company and you just may pick up some new loyal customers.