You want attendee Point of Sale (PoS) for events to be an easy process for walk-ins. Not everyone attending your event will pre-register. A certain number of attendees will wait until the day of your event. These clients are just as important as those who pre-planned. You can make their experience efficient and fast by investing in a few PoS tools.

Accuracy Is One Benefit of POS Tools

According to All Business, accuracy is one of the best benefits of a PoS system. In a recent article, sales expert Mac McCarthy writes, “…a point-of-sale system is, at heart, a cash register.” He also warns that since it’s also a PC system your data could be open to the world.

Simple safeguards such as SSL processing for all payment transactions encrypts your data and makes the transmission secure. Tools for the PoS for events provide you with much information about event walk-ins who register the day of your event. This information then translates into leads, future sales and additional demographic information.

Make Registration and Payment Collection Easy

Registration for walk-ins deserves attention to ensure good PoS for events. The registration and collection of payments for day-of-event walk-in attendees is easy to set-up and implement.

The processing of walk-in attendees needs to be expedient. This will create a positive registration experience. There are several tools you can utilize to make payment processing painless and seamless.

In the modern digital world, there’s no excuse for turning away attendees because you can’t process their payments. Mobile apps are free and accessible to anyone with a smart phone or tablet.

PoS for Walk-Ins

For walk-in attendees who didn’t register online, your PoS capabilities need to include creating new registrations on-the-spot at your event.

These PoS for events should include more than just credit and debit card processing. You want to be able to process cash registrations from walk-ins. This also includes collecting attendee details.

Day-of-Event Processing for Walk-Ins

To process walk-ins for the day of your event, you can use several tools, such as:

  • Self-check-in via registration kiosks: Be sure to provide several tablets for kiosk registrations for walk-ins.
  • Checkout questions: Create questions for attendees to answer during the checkout process. This data will help you to upsell, follow-up and provide leads to the sales/marketing team.
  • Payment collection: Easy payment processing is vital for walk-in registrations. You can offer various mobile payment apps, such as PayPal mobile, PayPal Here, LoopPay, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, payWave, Dwolla and others.

Payment app options include:

  • Chip card reader
  • Traditional swipe
  • No contact payment

The type of option you select is a personal choice. Budget typically determines most business decisions. Be sure to investigate all options before deciding which payment option will best serve your event registration process as well as your company.

How will each payment option interface with your existing payment system, banking/accounting and other integrative software features?

Importance of PoS Tools

PoS tools should be utilized to the fullest since they can help you with other event processes in addition to registrations and payments.

For example, PoS tools allow you to:

  • Assess and plan your events
  • Take advantage of software capabilities to capture, migrate to other programs and manage event leads
  • Use easily for accounting and tax computations and recording

PoS for Events: Tracking Sessions

Another valuable use of walk-in attendees’ information is to tracking session attendance. This often overlooked tool can aid you in planning your next event.

Session tracking can also be used to:

  • Correlate with events awarding certifications to attendees, such as CEUs (Continuing Education Units) or other professional certificate.
  • Generate different individual analyses and reports about the current event and future ones.
  • Provide leads for sales/marketing team.
  • Create surveys for attendees and speakers.
  • Generate demographic data that can be used for sales and organizing future events.

Make PoS for Events a Priority

Select efficient PoS tools to use for walk-in registrations on the day-of-the-event. Many event planners may have underutilized or even unused PoS tools within their current platforms. If in doubt, be sure to check with your software provider so you can begin taking advantage of these features.