Technology is extremely handy when it comes to event planning. Event managers can choose to write everything out on paper and constantly sift through notes, or they can explore new project management tools to increase planning efficiency and reduce stress.

Many small business event planners rely on email to communicate with their team and organize ideas. While email is an important tool for event planning, long email chains and constant back-and-forth can be overwhelming.

Project management tools make an event planner’s life significantly easier. Some tools focus on one aspect of event planning, while others provide software to organize every piece of the event, no matter how small.

With these project management tools, event planners can throw away the paper and pen and ensure the event is coordinated to go off without a hitch.

#1. Asana

Asana was created by the same engineers that made Facebook, so you know it’s good. This tool helps event planners manage projects and assign tasks to different team members. Members of the event team can see their specific tasks and mark them finished. This helps event planners coordinate which tasks are done and which still need attention to keep everyone on the same page.

This tool isn’t only great for divvying up tasks, it also shows teams the bigger picture so they can keep event goals in mind. What’s more, Asana is available as a phone app, allowing event planners to keep track of tasks anywhere.

#2. Google Drive

Google Drive is a necessity for many event planning teams. With Google Drive docs, individuals are able to create and edit documents. Multiple team members can collaborate on a single document wherever and whenever they want. This eliminates the need to send ideas back and forth as attachments.

It’s not the best for task management, but it’s extremely useful for the planning stage of event organization. If there are multiple people coming up with small business event ideas, Google Drive can keep their notes in the same place while allowing everyone to view and add to them. It also has real-time chat and commenting for collaboration.

#3. Trello

Trello is an online tool that can help event planners organize small business events. Planners can create boards with different “cards” containing ideas and tasks. Event team members can connect through this platform to discuss tasks and troubleshoot.

This tool is easy to use with drag and drop features, attachment uploading, and notifications. Event planners can add labels, due dates, and checklists to keep everyone on task.

#4. Attendee Events

Last but definitely not least is Attendee Events. Attendee Events is easily integrated with websites to provide a comprehensive event management tool. It includes every step needed to organize a successful small business event.

Beyond organizing event ideas, this software has the features necessary to make these ideas a reality. With Attendee Events, planners can ask registered attendees specific questions to plan catering, seating, etc. They can create products sold online in conjunction with the event. Event reminders and event follow-up thank you messages can be sent automatically, so team members don’t have to worry about forgetting these tasks. This is just a taste of what Attendee Events can do for event planning.

All project management tools are not created equal. Some are similar to to-do lists that allow for collaboration or task management, while others help organize and execute even the smallest event details. Try one of these tools when planning your next small business event!