If you aren’t promoting events on Facebook, you’re leaving a lot of potential attendees behind. This social media is another excellent venue for advertising your event and letting potential clients know who you are.

According to Facebook policy, you can promote “any public event”. You must associate your event with your Facebook page in order for your ad to run on the “News Feed”.

When you create public events on your Facebook Timeline, they are eligible for right-column ads.

#1 Event Creation Tool

Facebook offers an “Event Creation Tool” that will generate your event for posting on Facebook. It’s a very easy process. There are two ways to access the Events tab.

The first one is found on your Facebook landing page:

  • Go to your Facebook page.
  • Find the navigation bar located below the banner (cover photo).
  • The available tabs are: Timeline, About, Friends, Photos, and More.
  • Click on More.
  • On the drop down menu, click Events.

The second way to access Events is by clicking the Home button found in the header beside the name of your page at the top.

  • Click on Home.
  • Scroll down the left side bar to Favorites and click on Events.

#2 Creating an Event

Both approaches to clicking on Create an Event generate a popup screen that you must complete.

Who to Invite

In the upper left-hand corner of the popup screen, you have two choices:

  • Create Private Event: You will need to invite Facebook friends to attend.
  • Create Public Event: Anyone on or off Facebook will see your Event.

Most companies select the second option – Create Public Event. Please note that once you create a public event, you cannot change it to a private event.

Filling out the form:

  • The first option is to upload an event photo (Use a 1920 X 1080 pixel image (16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Enter your Event Name.
  • Location (Name of place and/or address).
  • Date and Time, also include the end time.
  • The next item is the Description. You want to let people know about your event. Be concise.
  • The option is to either require all posts to be approved before they appear on your event page or allow posting without approval. Leave the box blank if you won’t be moderating the posts. A word of caution about this feature. Unless you have someone continually oversee this administrative task, it’s best to simply leave the box unchecked.
  • The final step is to click Create.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your Facebook Event.

#3 Promoting Events on Facebook

You are now ready to promote your event so it will show up on the News Feed.

  • Locate your event under Events.
  • Click on Promote Event.

Create an Ad for Your Event

To promote your event on Facebook, you need to create an ad specifically for the event. The ad campaign objective to select is Events Responses.

Ad Image and Text

The image you select should be engaging. Don’t fall into the trap of offering your flyer for the ad. Take time out to work on the ad image you want to use. Your ad cannot contain more than 20% text.

Create Your Targeted Audience

Selecting your audience is a vital step to ensure you reach the right demographics for your event.

Once more this is an easy process and can be completed fairly quickly. There are many choices for selecting your audience when promoting events on Facebook. Take time to explore those options to ensure you add every group you wish to include in your audience.

Customize Your Audience

You want to use Audience Insights to define your audience. The options for these include:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Gender
  • Business/industry

Other categories include, language, relationship status, education, work, financial, market segment, parents, politics, life events, device owner and other categories.

Each interest category has a series of subcategories that you can select. You may select more than one interest category. Take time to explore these and select the ones that fit your audience profile. The more you refine your choices, the more targeted your ad will be to the audience you wish to reach.

  • Select region or city. You can also select “All United States” if you don’t wish to confine your audience to a specific region.

Once you’ve completed selecting your audience, you’ll be shown your Audience Demographics for your event.

If you wish to narrow your audience, click on Advanced to further define your scope by behaviors, such as Event Creators.

Set Budget and Schedule

Once you’re happy with your audience selections, it’s time to set your ad budget and schedule.

You need to set your account spending limit. This is an overall spending amount that limits the entire ad account. When your allotted money is spent, your ad stops running. This will keep you from overspending.

You have the option to create more than one ad set for your event promotion if you need to allow for a more refined target audience profile. You’ll set a schedule and budget for each.

Submit Your Ad and Save Audience

Once you’re happy with your selections, you’re ready to submit your ad. You can access your ad through the Power Editor. Be sure that you also save your audience for future event ads. You’ll be able to access this under Power Editor’s “Audiences” section.

Making the Most of Your Events

Facebook Events promotion has an added value to your business. You can take advantage of software widget integrations designed specifically for Facebook to make promoting your events easier.