Most dance studio owners know the importance of showcasing their business through recitals and other dance events. There’s nothing more satisfying that witnessing the advancement of talent and skills of your students. Second in satisfaction is perhaps the reaction of their parents.

The end-of-the-dance-year recital is a culmination of hard work and dedication. While it is partly about showing what your studio can do, it’s also vital for your students and their families. A recital can also reach into your community, bolster your business as well as grow it.

While that annual recital is highly anticipated and important, there are other opportunities your studio has to expand and reach new students.

Charity Dance Event

One of the best ways to interact with your community is to sponsor a charity dance event with net proceeds going to the charity. Your studio can team up with local organizations for an evening of fun and community service. Hosting this type of event will not only reap invaluable exposure for your studio, it allows you to give back to your community.

A charity dance will appeal to the altruistic side of most people. Make the event extra fun by tapping into local talent, such as bands, dance clubs and other community-minded organizations and groups.

  • If it’s the right time of year, you might be able to host a street dance in the downtown sector or a city park to accommodate a larger crowd and offer a fun outdoor experience.
  • Involve local restaurants to cater the event.
  • Along with the charity organization, enlist local businesses and banks to underwrite the event, with you footing the bill for advertising or other aspects of the event.

Specialized Weekend Dance Classes

If the region where you live has a traditional style of dance, you can take advantage of this by hosting a weekend dance class for this dancing style.

The Shag

Go with a regional dance that has swept the country, such as The Shag. This popular South Carolina dance is often called Carolina Shag. It originated during the 1940s-1950s in the then small beach town of Ocean Drive (of Myrtle Beach) in an old beach house known as “The Pad”. Today, The Shag dance enjoys national and international competitions in the US.

Of course, you don’t have to live at the beach to hold a Shag Weekend. You might be the first studio in your region to introduce local dance enthusiasts to this fun dance that’s performed along with Beach Music, which is 100 to 130+ beats per minute (BPM) in 4/4-time signature.

  • Create a theme-based event for this type of dance through barefoot dancing on a sand stage outside in a park, your studio, or other spring/summer venue.
  • Play oldie-goldies Beach Music or if available a local band that specializes in Beach Music repertoire.

Romantic and Nostalgic Waltz

You can take advantage of a romantic dance by hosting a waltz. The venue might be under a white party tent, outdoors, or in your studio. Be sure to play up the historic time-frame when the waltz was popular. This will help generate enthusiasm and excitement for your event.

  • Offer a series of waltz classes culminating in a community dance.
  • Students and attendees can dress in period style clothing.
  • Partner with a local orchestra or band to provide music for your waltz event.
  • Set aside a time slot of your dance for your students to perform and show off their new skills.
  • Decorate with nostalgic globe string lights.
  • Hold your event in a park complete with a gazebo for the orchestra/band.
  • Enlist the help of a florist to provide plants and flowers around the gazebo.
  • Partner with a local carriage company to offer romantic jaunts around the park.
  • Don’t forget the food carts for hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy – all popular outdoor foods during this era.

Making People Want to Attend Your Dance Event

The key to creating a buzz and making people want to attend your dance is to capture their imaginations. This can be done through various tools and props, such as romantic theme, nostalgic theme supported by good food, music, decorations and, of course, dance!