Do you know the target audience for your event business? Do you know what your target audience wants before the event begins? If you’re not sure of the answer to these questions, the answer is probably “no.” Luckily, user personas can help.

User personas are great tools to help grow event businesses. They create tangible representations of the target audience, making it easier to think of your attendees as people with unique interests and needs instead of numbers or data points.

The picture user personas paint is useful to visit when adding new events or switching up existing events. In addition, user personas can be incredibly important for content marketing efforts like website SEO and social media. If you know what your target audience wants, it’s easier to promote content they’ll love.

After creating user personas, it’s time to use them to create custom marketing messages and to plan appealing, successful events. Let’s get started!

Tips for Utilizing User Personas

Here are a couple important points for using buyer personas in marketing and event planning:

Identify Commonalities & Differences

Once you have a couple user personas in front of you, take a look at the distribution of individuals in each persona. Is there one persona that is more prominent than the rest? Are there commonalities between the user personas? If so, these commonalities should be your major focus when planning events and event marketing strategies.

With this in mind, don’t completely ignore additional user personas just because they’re different. Everyone will have a slightly different event experience and it’s important to not only acknowledge this, but meet different needs, if possible.

Identify Actionable Interests & Needs

Once you’ve identified the commonalities, decide which can be used to create better events or a better marketing strategy. What pieces of the user persona can event planners and marketers act on to build a better event business?

For example, maybe the majority of attendees are looking for ways to network with other attendees. This is a specific need that event planners can use to add networking opportunities within the event and satisfy attendees.

Recognize the Entire Event Journey

When putting personas to use, think about the entire journey of an event attendee. This means focusing on how attendees find the event, develop interest, register, and how they experience the event. It also includes extending the connection after event day.

User personas can help inform each step of the process, making your event business more aligned to what real customers want.

Acknowledge that User Personas Change

It’s important to note that personas can evolve and change, so from time to time, businesses will need to revisit user personas. The user personas you write today may not be pertinent in a couple years, so don’t expect results from personas unless you keep them updated.

How to Use Event Attendee Personas

There are many ways personas improve an event business by increasing the number of event attendees, website traffic, engagement after events, and more. Here are a few examples:

Planning Blog Content

User personas can give new ideas for blog content. Good blog content helps fill specific needs people have. For example, if you find out that a majority of attendees are interested in networking, you might want to design content on how to achieve better results from networking.

If you create content that engages people you already know may be interested in your events, these people are more likely to visit your event website and register, especially if you use social media to share this content.

Email Marketing

If your event business uses email marketing (which it should), create customized emails to appeal to a specific persona. Email marketing conversion rates will improve. After all, you’ll already know the recipient is interested in the subject.


Noting user persona trends can give event businesses ideas about how to advertise to certain attendees, including how to target ads and write copy specific to this target. For example, if the most prominent user persona is young people who frequent coffee shops in a certain area, focus event advertising efforts on these locations and customize copy to appeal to this audience.


User personas can help with keyword planning for event website SEO. If you know what attendees want, it’s easier to pick keywords that potential attendees are already searching for.

Using the right keywords on your event website can drive traffic and get your events in front of more people who are likely to engage with what you’re offering.

Event Planning

User personas can help event planners know what features, activities, and sessions to incorporate into events. For example, if one user persona involves millennials who frequently use mobile devices, you may want to have attendees download a mobile event app to use during the event, or make sure registration is mobile-friendly.

There are many ways event businesses can benefit from using user personas. Planning and marketing events with specific user personas in mind will help create successful events attendees absolutely love.