Finding the normal work mode rhythm can be a challenge after an event ends. Whether this is the first event you’re planning or the 90th, you’ve spent untold hours gathering items, organizing volunteers and making sure everything came off without a hitch. Planning an event is far more than a part-time job, which means you likely have spent at least a portion of your work day planning this conference for your company.

Now, however, the event is over and it’s time to get back to the daily task of making your company run and thrive. Here are the things you need to overcome to get back into a normal routine.

Normal Work Mode Hours Versus Conference Mode Hours

While putting on an event, you likely worked some pretty odd hours. Last minute cancellations, emergencies during the event, long nights making sure everything would run smoothly the next day all add up to lack of sleep and being off your normal schedule.

  • Go to bed a little earlier than you normally would. You may need to catch up on your sleep and an extra hour or two of rest will keep you refreshed for the tasks that have likely piled up at work.
  • Drink coffee/caffeine for a boost. Even if you normally don’t caffeinate, consider doing so until you get back in your normal groove. Don’t overdo it, though. The last thing you want is a boost and then a crash halfway through the day.
  • Don’t overwork in the days following the event. It is tempting to put in extra hours to catch up on the work you’ve missed, but if you are exhausted, you simply won’t work as efficiently.

Reconnect with Colleagues

While you were out of the office, your colleagues were still there working. There may have been anything from policy changes to projects started while you were in event planning mode.

  • Take the time to go and speak with each department head you work with. Even if you have to approach one a day that first week, make sure you touch base on any new developments, so you can hit the ground running.
  • If you have a team working under you, hold a meeting. Ask them what happened while the event was going on and what you can do to help them.
  • Touch base with your boss. Ask him if there is anything vital you need to know coming back in after being away.

Start Planning for Next Year

Do you plan the event every year? If so, now is the time to start planning for it and get some of the basics out of the way, such as a venue and updating your event registration.

  • Start lining up your volunteers now. The more people helping you, the less legwork you have to do.
  • Figure out the event venue ahead of time to secure the location, get great rates, and start garnering interest from attendees.
  • If you aren’t the planner, what material and information can you pass on to next year’s planner to make the event run more smoothly and make his job easier?

Planning and pulling off an event, large or small, takes a lot of work and dedication. Easing back into a normal work routine after the intense days of a conference isn’t easy, but with these tips you will soon be back to your regular schedule.

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