One of the most time consuming tasks for business owners is hiring and training employees and helpers. Unfortunately, about one-third of those newly hired will quit after only six months. There are many reasons why this happens, but the bottom line is that it costs the company money.

By some estimates, each time a company has to recruit and train a new employee, it costs the company 6 to 9 months of that employee’s salary. It makes sense to try to keep employees and helpers happy so you aren’t constantly in recruiting and training mode.

Ideas for Engaging Employees and Helpers

According to Gallup, less than 33% of American worker feel engaged in their roles at work. This could be a big part of the reason why employees choose to leave a position. People want to feel fulfilled and as though they are making a difference, no matter how small.

There are a number of ways to keep employees engaged:

  • Daily Stand Up Meetings: These are short 10-15 minute meetings where each person shares one thing they’ve accomplished, for example. This keeps everyone on the same page and working as a team.
  • Ability to Provide Input: Allow employees to share their ideas easily. However, it goes further than that – you must also be willing to implement good ideas.
  • Offer Team Building: Once a week, offer an opportunity for employees to work together as a team. Short skill building sessions can take as little as an hour.

Offering Perks

Where would you rather work – a company that offers lots of perks or one without? Perks may keep employees loyal, even when you can’t match the pay of a larger company. Some ideas for perks you can offer employees include:

  • Rewards: When employees go above and beyond, reward their hard work. This can include gift cards, extra time off, or even just recognition at the weekly meeting.
  • Free Lunch Fridays: Splurge for pizza for everyone or catering from a local restaurant.
  • Extra Time Off: Did your employees put in long hours to complete a big project? Let them go home half day on a Friday and spend more time with their families.
  • Work from Home: Offering your workers at least one day a week where they can telecommute can be an attractive incentive to stay with your company. Working from home saves them time and transportation expenses. It can also be a good option for working parents who might need to occasionally stay home with a sick child or when their child has a day off school.

Company Culture

Company culture can impact how long workers stay. What are you doing to create a strong company culture? Some ideas:

  • Form Teams: Allow workers to cheer one another one.
  • Care: Quite simply – care. If someone loses a family member, take the time to go to the calling, or at least phone and check on the employee.
  • Start on the Right Note: Start each day with a short meeting and an inspirational message.
  • Communicate: Managers should take the time to talk one-on-one with each worker on his or her team. This allows any problems to be addressed quickly rather than ballooning into a major issue.

Retaining your best employees and helpers will save you untold time and effort in continuously training new people. Take the time to implement the programs you can to keep and attract the best talent possible.