SlideShare boasts about 70 million professional users with 18 million uploads across 40 categories. When people think about social media marketing, they tend to think about Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps they consider some of the other common social media networks (Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram).

SlideShare offers the opportunity to reach out to professionals in your industry. It is still a resource that many don’t use, so you will gain more exposure than from some of the other social media networks.

Where SlideShare Shines

SlideShare basically allows you to take a PowerPoint type slideshow and post it online. The longer format allows you to present visual information that can drive attendees to sign up for your event. Slideshare is less interactive than a site like Twitter. You can upload slides in PDF, OpenOffice, or Keynote formats.

You can even embed video clips of past events to show potential attendees what they might  miss if they don’t sign up to attend the next event.

Reaching New Clients

Because slideshows on SlideShare are so targeted, and you can further target them by utilizing keyword phrases, you will reach a very targeted demographic that can gain you new clients/attendees for your event.

For example, if you’re hosting a cooking event, you might post a slideshow that explains how to make  souffle. This basic how-to guide will allow leads to see what types of cooking lessons you offer and try one out by viewing the slides.

This allows you to reach new clients who are interested very specifically in what you have to offer. An added bonus for them is that they can go at their own learning pace. If a step isn’t clear, the user can stop the slideshow and go back to view it again.

You can also use a slideshow to share important industry statistics. These statistics can even be used to create a sense of urgency and encourage the viewer to register for your event. One example would be if your company offers martial arts defense classes. You could create a slideshow that explains the crime statistics in your area and upload it to SlideShare. Then, end the slideshow with a call to action (CTA) that states the viewer can protect herself by signing up for a self-defense event.

Ready-Made Presentation

Another nice feature of SlideShare is that you’ll already have a presentation in place if you need to sell your event or class to another business, a potential partner, or even a customer or two.

Because SlideShare is tied into LinkedIn, you can even add the presentation to your professional profile to show people what you have to offer.

Getting SlideShare Traction

SlideShare takes what they consider to be the best slideshows and feature them on the homepage. If your slideshow stands out as having particularly useful information and offering strong graphics, then you stand a better chance of being featured.

You can see the advantage of being one of the featured selections. Anytime someone visits the SlideShare website, they will see the featured slides first. This can put your brand in front of people who otherwise might never have seen info on your company or your event.

If you’re looking for new ways to promote your events, SlideShare might be just what you’re looking for.