Snapchat used to be a way for teens to send silly videos and pictures that couldn’t be immortalized. Now, it is one of the largest social media platforms and a creative and effective marketing tool for businesses of all kinds.

Over 150 million users watch 10 billion Snapchat videos every day. A large amount (71%) of these users are between 18 and 34. If this is a key target audience for your event business, consider using Snapchat for event marketing.

We’ll go through everything you need to know to start marketing with this social media platform.

Getting Started with Snapchat

To start marketing with Snapchat, all you need is a smartphone and a free Snapchat account.

You’ll also need to know the lingo, if you don’t already. Content created and shared through Snapchat are called “snaps.” This content can be in the form of pictures or videos.

Snaps can then be shared with an account’s followers and friends. They can also be shared as a series of snaps in an account’s “stories.”

It’s important to know the pictures and videos shared on this social media platform aren’t visible forever. Users can only view snaps for a maximum of 10 seconds before they disappear.

Note: Users can still screenshot snaps to save them, so watch what you snap.

Why Snapchat Marketing?

Beyond reaching a young audience, here are some reasons to use Snapchat for event marketing:

  • It’s a great way to develop your brand.
  • It’s a low cost marketing tool.
  • The platform provides a raw, authentic user experience.
  • It allows for one-on-one interaction for personal moments.
  • It increases audience engagement.

Event businesses can show the little moments that make their brand special. This personal form of sharing engages followers.

How to Market Events with Snapchat: 5 Essential Tips for Success

1. Snap Often

One key to succeeding at Snapchat marketing is to share content often. Since the platform is inherently fast-paced with temporary content, businesses need to snap often to keep users engaged. Try to snap several times a day.

In the same breath, don’t snap so often you capture every little boring moment. Choose only the best moments that characterize your business to show viewers.

2. Chronicle Events

Snapchat can act as a backstage pass to your events. Users can get a view of live events with authentic videos and photos.

Record videos during event setup to build anticipation. Give a sneak preview of the event space or attendee grab bags. Introduce your vendors through a series of short videos. Although each video must be short, businesses can still share a series of snaps that tell a cohesive story.

3. Offer Promos

Success on Snapchat is all about engaging your audience. Consider offering exclusive promotions or giveaways to your loyal followers. Not only does it thank them for being followers, it makes others want to be followers, too!

To engage your followers even more, ask for something through Snapchat in exchange. For example, if you run cooking events, ask your Snapchat followers to send you a picture of their favorite meal at a restaurant. This gathers ideas for future events while asking users to engage with your brand.

4. Reach out to Influencers

Recruit “influencers” in your sphere to draw new followers and engage an existing audience. Influencers are those who already have a significant following and are considered a recognizable expert.

For example, if there is a popular figure in your community, consider asking that person to take over your account for a day. People will want to follow your account to follow this influencer and will end up staying if they enjoy your content.

5. Make it Fun

At the end of the day, people check their account because they want to be entertained or intrigued. It’s important to keep this in the back of your mind when creating Snapchat content.

Be creative when coming up with snaps. Use filters that make people look like different animals or warps their faces (with their consent, of course). Take advantage of drawing tools, emojis, and stickers built into the platform.

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with Snapchat marketing. After all, that silly picture you took of yourself as a dog will disappear after just a few seconds! Just make sure to not mistake the temporality of “snaps” as a pass for posting content in poor taste.

Snapchat is in style now, especially for the younger generation. Instead of letting this opportunity pass by, event businesses can hop on the Snapchat train with these simple marketing tips and bask in the amazing results.