The holidays are a time of year where people are looking for fun events to attend, enjoying time with family, and seeking out gift giving opportunities. You can tap into this buying bonanza and secure some new customers in the process by strategically planning some holiday events.

The best time to start booking is now, because people’s schedules tend to fill up the closer it gets to Christmas. Here are some ideas for special events for specific business types.

Cooking Classes

Cooking is a tradition in most families during the holidays. Families are looking for fun outings and a way to make memories. This is the perfect time to hold classes such as:

Kids Christmas Cookies

Baking and decorating Christmas cookies is a tradition in a lot of families, and also one that many moms dread. The mess that results is usually one that Mom is left to clean up on her own. Imagine, however, if a family could come to a class, learn some new recipes, bake some cookies, decorate them and then go home to a clean house.

To promote your cookie class, focus on these points:

  • Great memories for parents and kids
  • No cleanup after
  • Mom’s kitchen stays clean
  • Learn to make new and exciting types of cookies you might not normally bake

Favorite Candies

There are a couple of ways to handle a candy making class.

  • Choose two or three candies that can be made in the time span of class, but that are impressive. This might include buckeyes, cinnamon hard candy, and fudge, for example.
  • Split the class into teams and have each team make a few different kinds and then do an exchange so each person goes home with 6-9 types of candies, depending upon class attendance.

Market your class on these elements:

  • Chance to make up trays for neighbors or a special get together.
  • Learn to make new types of candy you haven’t made at home before.
  • Candy placed on a festive tray, wrapped and tied with a pretty bow.


Escape Room Holiday Events

Many families have out of town visitors or are looking for new traditions to start during the holidays. If you run an escape room venue, you can tap into the holiday spirit with some special holiday events.

Escaping Elves

If one of your normal scenarios is escaping from a serial killer or something along those lines, consider revamping it into Santa’s workshop. Give attendees elf hats and make the scenario that they are elves being overworked 24/7 and they just want to escape and enjoy Christmas with their families.

Market your event on these elements:

  • A holiday themed event
  • Escape with your family and build memories
  • Get a new view of the North Pole

Corporate Events

The holidays are also a time when a lot of companies like to treat their employees with a special event. Take the time to reach out to companies in your area and offer them a special package to bring their employees to your escape room.

Market your event on these elements:

  • Team building through fun
  • Discount rate for booking for entire company
  • Will provide snacks/refreshments after event and an area to mingle and have a small part (this can even be in your lobby, if it is large enough.) Otherwise, change one of your rooms into a gathering spot for the event.

Paint and Sip

Paint and sip parties are perfectly suited for holiday themes. First, let’s look at types of painting parties you can host, and how to market each of the holiday events.

Holiday Decor

Create a class around holiday-themed decor. Don’t just limit yourself to canvas. You could offer:

  • Tall door sign that says “Jingle Bells”
  • Painting of Santa Claus
  • Wood plaque with family name, holiday greeting, and year – point out that these are perfect to include in family holiday photos.

Market your event on these elements:

  • Spend time with family and friends while making decorations for the season.
  • Start a new tradition with your friends this Christmas.
  • Enjoy holiday-themed refreshments while painting, such as red and green punch.

Christmas Jingles

Think up some favorite Christmas sayings and songs. How can you incorporate these into an event?

  • Create a serving tray with a song title, such as “Jingle Bells.”
  • Sing songs while painting.
  • Allow people to share what their favorite song is and why.
  • Serve holiday treats.

Market your event on these elements:

  • A night of music, laughter, and paint.
  • Create an amazing piece of art that you’ll cherish and use each Christmas.

The holiday season is short but can be quite profitable with the right plan. As you can see, figuring out what holiday events will work best to help bring in new customers is just a matter of thinking outside the box, but working with the elements you already have on hand. You shouldn’t have to completely change what you do. A holiday event should compliment your everyday business.