If your business is going to continue to grow year after year, you need a strong set of tools to help you find new clients. Although it is proven that retaining the clients you have is cost effective, since it costs five times as much to gain a new client, your business will just remain stagnate if you aren’t also bringing in new leads.


Infographic by Invesp

Top Strategies to Find New Clients

Yes, it is vitally important to keep your current clients if you want to see a steady growth. However, it is also important to find new clients so that is going to be the focus of the rest of this article.

Strategy # 1: Word of Mouth

One of the quickest ways to gain new clients is via word of mouth. Those customers that are so costly and difficult to acquire? Once they stay with you, it means they like you or what you have to offer. Reach out to your current customers and ask them to share your business information with family, friends, and those in their networks. You’d be surprised at how a recommendation from someone can result in a new client for you. 84% of consumers trust the recommendations of family, friends and coworkers.

Strategy # 2: Partner with Another Company

Another tactic is to find a like-minded company and partner with them. This gives you access to their mailing list and them to yours. It can be a powerful tactic that is beneficial to both partner companies. A good example might be a golf pro teaming up with a company that manufacturers golf clubs. The golf pro lets his network of customers and contacts know that he is partnering with the golf club company and why he likes their product.

On the other side of the equation, the golf club company lets its customers know about the golf pro and the lessons he provides via an online membership site. You can see how the two businesses here compliment rather than compete with one another. This is one of the keys to a successful partnership. You need someone you can trust who understands your business but isn’t in competition with you.

Strategy # 3: Make it Easy to Subscribe

List building is vital if you want a productive and cost effective way to reach out to your customers and potential customers. The first thing you need to do is make it very easy to subscribe to your mailing list. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Add a checkbox that the customer can choose when ordering. This works best when offered in conjunction with future discounts and coupons. “Sign up here for discount codes and coupons on future orders.”
  • Add a box to the top of your page where customers can sign up. Offer them an incentive to do so. A free report, ebook, or discount.

Strategy # 4: Free PR

One strategy you can use when you’re on a budget is to send out press releases and connect with local news media outlets. You may just capture the interest of a reporter and have your story featured in the local newspaper, which basically only costs you a little time. The key to capturing the interest of a reporter is to offer something unique. Perhaps you are sponsoring a local little league baseball team, or your employees are teaming up with a local nursing home to make sure all the retired folks have a visitor this coming Christmas. Anything you can do to make your company and your brand stand out will help.

Strategy # 5: Guest Blog and Answer Questions

Take the time to be a guest on related blogs. If you own a restaurant, you can guest about wedding food on a wedding blog. If you own a dance studio, offer to write a piece about costume accessories for a costume company’s blog. Find a related blog and contact the owner to see how the two of you can work together. Anything you can do to reach new clients in this way can be beneficial to you.

Finding new clients doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Work the contacts you have, make new contacts who have some influence and are in contact with a number of people, and keep offering great customer service to your existing client base.