If you run an escape room business, you may be looking for new ways to bring in additional customers. You likely have already thought about a variety of events you can target, such as birthday groups and bachelor parties. But, have you thought about getting some of the summer business from parents whose kids are out of school for the school year? Below, you will find some summer escape room day camp ideas that will help you reach the younger generation and build customers who will return for years to come.

Summer Day Camp Ideas

Running a summer day camp can be a real challenge. You’ll need to make sure that your employees are trained in CPR, have complete background checks, and that you have a registration and checkout system that will protect any kids in your care. You may even want to hire specific camp counselors to keep the day camp visitors busy.

Full-Day Summer Day Camp Ideas

If you decide to bite the bullet and offer a full day summer camp, then you’ll want to keep these things in mind:

  • When will the camp run? It is probably best to choose a week and make it from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. or whatever works best for your business schedule.
  • What ages will you allow? Smaller children typically require more supervision, but older children can require just as much watching. Are your themes too mature for little ones? You might even want to hold different camps for different age groups on alternating weeks.
  • What and when will you feed them? Should the camp attendees bring a sack lunch? Will you provide a hot lunch? How will you accomplish this? Perhaps a local catering company will work with you? What is the cost of this for you?
  • What other activities will you provide? Even though an escape room summer camp is a fun idea, you will want to provide other activities as well. For example, you could talk to them about how to escape from restraints, have classes on the best escapes ever, watch a movie about Houdini, etc.

Half-Day Summer Day Camp Ideas

A half-day summer camp allows you to offer a day camp without taking over the whole day. This can allow you to offer a day camp in the mornings while still hosting escape room parties in the evenings, for example. Some ideas to keep your half-day campers busy:

  • If campers are only going to be there for a few hours, you will save yourself the task of feeding them a meal. It is still a good idea to offer a snack as they may be busy running from one event to the next.
  • The escape room event will take up at least 1/3rd of your day.
  • A theme works really well as one of your summer day camp ideas. For example, you can create a theme around bank robberies. Participants will learn about famous bank robberies, discover how security in a bank today works (perhaps have a bank manager come speak) and then will participate in an escape room event where they are locked in a bank vault by bank robbers and have to escape to call the police.

Working with Already Established Day Camps

If you aren’t quite ready to jump in feet first and host your own camp, another idea is to work with already established day camps. Contact organizations in the area that provide full time day care during the summer and let them know that you are offering a discounted rate to day camp groups who want to come try out an escape room challenge.

Many day camps and day care centers offer one outing a week during the summer. Of course, there are the free movie events, and museums, but they are often looking for something unique that the students haven’t experienced before. If the kids love your events, then they may return for escape room birthday parties and one day, when they are grown, for their own bachelor and bachelorette parties.