It’s never too early for brainstorming summer-themed cooking class ideas. Take advantage of the season’s fruits, berries and vegetables.

Farm to Table Cooking Class Ideas

Buying locally grown foods is the best way to know what is in the foods you eat. Some berry farms offer a pick-your-own program. This would be a fun outing for your cooking class. Your students can experience firsthand the concept of farm to table and the importance of supporting local growers.

Berries, Fruits and Melons

From June until the first frost, there are many berries and several fruits available. Depending on how many classes you want to dedicate to berries, you can alternate with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries for recipes.

  • Possible recipes include pies, shortcake, strawberry thyme butter and preserves/jams/jellies.
  • Peaches and pears are some of the summer fruits you can feature in a class or two.
  • Watermelons and cantaloupes are iconic foods of summertime.

Other summer bounties include:

  • Tomatoes are a wonderful summer vegetable that can be used in many recipes.
  • Beans, corn, okra, onions, eggplants and peppers
  • A prolific summer vegetable – zucchini

Family Summer Cookout

Design a class or several around this summer activity. Equip students with several time-saving tips, recipes and new ways to enjoy a family summer evening.

Hotdog Relishes

Find new condiment recipes that students can create for relishes and new ways to garnish a hotdog, such as:

  • Cheddar cheese and bacon wraps
  • Pineapple and mango sauces
  • Fresh kimchi relish

Hamburger Surprises

You can surprise your family and guests with a few easy but stunning fresh takes on the hamburger.

Barbecue Cooking Class Ideas

You can spice up a summer cookout with new spins on classic foods, such as:

It may be time to pull out your most favorite recipes for a tantalizing spin on the family cookout for a big “wow” from your students!

Picnic Basket Treats

Fried chicken and potato salad often live inside the picnic basket, but what about dessert? You can renew your students’ interest in this classic summer outing with a few summer specific desserts.

  • Anything with berries, such as chocolate covered strawberries or strawberry bark will be a winner.
  • A peach or blackberry pie with a lush topping would be nice.
  • Don’t forget the blueberries, try a blueberry cone cake recipe.

Fourth of July Theme

No July 4th celebration is complete without iced tea. You can teach your students the art of making sweet tea. But, don’t stop there, consider a cooking class on the various delicious teas that could be introduced at a 4th of July celebration.

Make It Patriotic Competition

Create a fun bake off competition for your students. Pre-plan a simple sheet cake recipe for your students.

  • Challenge each student to come up with a patriotic cake design.
  • Take photos of each one and post on social media.
  • Hold an online vote for followers to choose their favorite.
  • Create a short video of the winner receiving the award.

You can make this competition as elaborate as you like. For example, you can film all or part of the competition.

  • Highlight each student and ask questions about their design.
  • Film only the students’ presentations of their final creation.
  • Post the video to social media prior to individual photo entries

Finding Summer Cooking Class Ideas

It’s easy to come up with summer themed cooking class ideas by examining popular summer activities and in-season foods. Take class excursions to give students a greater connection to the foods they prepare. Be sure to take lots of photos to post on social media and promote your business.