According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, event planners can sometimes work extremely long hours leading up to the event and irregular hours the rest of the time. Anyone who has ever put an event together will tell you it is far more than a full-time job. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to try that will help survive odd hours of event planning.

Tips to Survive Odd Hours of Event Planning

Love What You Do

If you don’t love planning and seeing an event come to life, then you are going to struggle to get through the requirements of being in charge of an event. Make sure you have a passion for the topic, for educating others about it and for the overall planning of such an endeavor. If not, it might be better to gather more helpers to delegate to.

Power Nap

When you have to stay up until three in the morning because the person who was creating centerpieces bailed on you and you’re the only one left with a hot glue gun, exhaustion will set in. Fortunately, short cat naps can help get you through the next day until you can catch up on your rest.

According to WebMd, a 15-20 minute power nap can help improve alertness as you go about your day. If you really want to benefit, a nap of 30-60 minutes can help you with memory and creativity tasks. More than an hour can send you into REM sleep, which can help with problem solving.

Invest in a Lightbox

When you stay up late and get up late, circadian rhythms can be off. Investing in a box that is made for those suffering Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can also help those who have to rise a bit later or work late into the night.

Plan in Down Time

While some unexpected things will occur, have a plan in place so helpers can deal with a few of them. Plan at least one day a week into your schedule that is down time. If you have to, you can always sleep the entire day away and catch up on your rest a bit. Spend that day recharging and taking care of you, so you have the energy to take care of the many tasks an event planner has to take of.

Keep Your Eye on the Goal

What is your overall goal for the event? Write it out and paste it up all around your office and your home. Remind yourself of the small steps that lead to the bigger goal. Focusing on the main goal will often help you get through the extra work that crops up and creates longer hours.

Caffeinate and Power Up

Although it isn’t an ideal solution for the long run, because it can create other issues, if you are desperate to stay away, go ahead and drink some coffee or an energy drink.

To survive odd hours of event planning may be challenging, but the end result is worth the effort. Over time, event planning does tend to get easier as you make more contacts and gain more help along the way.