Table landscapes are a must for any event if you want to generate a feeling of excitement and anticipation. The registration table is often the first thing attendees see. The right tablescape should be vibrant and reflect the theme of your event.

Using Spices Cooking Class

Set the focus of a cooking class on spices with a fun and easy table landscaping, using large wooden spoons and spices.

  • Create a table runner from green bamboo placemats.
  • Place spoons along the runner, turning every other one so the spoon bowl is opposite the one it’s beside.
  • Fill the spoon bowl with various herbs.
  • Print tent place cards with each herb name and place in front of the spoon.
  • Create a handout with each herb and a brief paragraph about various ways to use the herb in cooking.
  • Roll the handouts and tie with a colorful ribbon and place in a basket at one end of the table.

Be sure to direct attendees to the basket when they claim their name tags and/or during registration.

Cupcake Decorating Class

Use several cupcake pedestal and cloches to show-off some of the decorating designs your students will be learning. Place silk roses, curled ribbon streamers and votive candles between the pedestals.

Martial Arts Show

Cover the table with a black tablecloth and then set your tablescape in the center.

  • Create a table runner from the colors of the ten belt levels or just the levels you are hosting, such as white, yellow and green.
  • Anchor clusters of three white balloons with wide black ribbons tied around them on each end (back part of the table) and one cluster in the center of the table.
  • Set different sizes of unused Chinese take-out containers turned upside in the center of the table. These will be used as pedestals.
  • Attach a decal of your logo on each container.
  • Secure black cardboard silhouette cutouts of various martial art poses to each container.

Vary the sizes and types of poses to give greater depth and interest. Be sure you keep your tablescape symmetrical for the best visual effect.

Dance Recital

Create a great tablescape with ballerina figurines. You’ll want to use either a group of three or five ballerinas depending on the size of your table.

  • Draw several ballerinas in various ballet poses. Be sure to draw a two–three inch post from one of the ballerina’s shoes. (This will be inserted into the stand.)
  • Trace onto foam boards.
  • Using an X-Acto knife, cut out.
  • Add silver glitter, making sure you use glue specifically for glitter.
  • Use various colors of tulle fabric to make a tutu for each silhouette.
  • Glue the fabric to the ballerina waistline of the silhouette (either using white glue or hot glue).
  • Select foam cubes for pedestals. (4” – 6” squares).
  • Insert the ballerina post into the foam cube.
  • Drape shiny silver fabric over the foam to conceal it and the post.

Arrange your ballerinas on the table, placing them in the center. You can add other embellishments, such as mini-LED flashlights as stage lights, concealed with more fabric, allowing just the light to show. Aim these at your ballerinas.

Depending on the time of year and the theme of your recital, select the appropriate glitter and fabric colors. Be sure to leave space on your table for programs, business cards and other handouts you want attendees to take. Include a bowl of candies shaped like ballet slippers and tiaras.

Crime Solving Escape Room Birthday Party

The birthday table should reflect the escape room theme used for a birthday, such as a crime solving theme.

  • Drape the table with a black tablecloth.
  • Suspend crime scene yellow table along the center front of the table.
  • A birthday cake or cupcakes can be decorated with the same theme using black and yellow colors.
  • Icons/symbols include: handcuffs, magnifying glass, gloves, police badges, flashlights and signage, such as “Top Secret”, “Do Not Disturb”, “Crime Scene” or “Classified”.
  • You can use any or all of these props to create a unique tablescape with the birthday cake or cupcakes as the centerpiece.
  • Be sure to have crime scene favor bags for each guest.

Event Table Landscaping

There are many ways to infuse excitement and generate anticipation for any event. By focusing your tablescape design on your event theme, you’re sure to capture attendees’ imaginations while giving them a preview of what’s to come.