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Top 3 Ways to Come Up with Ideas for Your Cooking Class Blog

Coming up with fresh ideas for your cooking class blog doesn’t need to be difficult. There are countless ways to jump-start themes and find inspiration for unique and fun topics. Brainstorming Sessions for Your Cooking Class Blog If you have a business partner, the two of you can brainstorm ideas. If it’s just you, then [...]

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5 Biggest Mistakes Cooking Classes Make

Cooking classes are a lot of fun both for the instructor teaching the techniques and the students. However, there are some mistakes that will cost you money and customers. There are five big mistakes that cooking classes make, but that you can avoid. Mistake # 1: Buying Too Much Food One of the biggest costs [...]

By |March 21st, 2017|Planning|

Host a Beat Bobby Flay Type Cooking Event

Your target demographic for cooking classes is likely a group of people who enjoy watching the Food Network and shows like Beat Bobby Flay. Bobby Flay is a well-known chef who is adored by many people. On the television show, a cooking event is held where people face off against each other in a cooking competition. [...]

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Create a Team Building Cooking Class and Market to Business Customers

Around 70% of workers in the United States don't feel engaged with their work.  Yet, businesses understand that it costs far less to retain a current employee than to recruit and train a new one. With that in mind, more and more businesses are looking for ways to create team building opportunities and give their [...]

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Host a Worst Cooks Inspired Event to Draw Interest to Your Cooking Classes

When you offer cooking classes, you aren't just competing with other chefs in the area who might also be offering cooking classes. You are competing with the dozens of activities that people have available in your area. The key to filling your classes is to tap into those in your area who have a true [...]

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