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Top 3 Ways to Come Up with Ideas for Your Cooking Class Blog

Coming up with fresh ideas for your cooking class blog doesn’t need to be difficult. There are countless ways to jump-start themes and find inspiration for unique and fun topics. Brainstorming Sessions for Your Cooking Class Blog If you have a business partner, the two of you can brainstorm ideas. If it’s just you, then [...]

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Brand Storytelling to Promote Cooking Classes

Storytelling is the oldest form of communication with groups and masses. Learning to promote cooking classes through brand storytelling is the best way to convey and message your company’s history, uniqueness, qualifications and value. Brand Storytelling Is More than Marketing Collateral Business Consultant and Brand Story Strategist Bernadette Jiwa advises clients that brand storytelling isn’t [...]

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Using Pinterest to Market Cooking Events

Most cooking event businesses have heard of Twitter and Facebook and use them to interact with potential attendees. Pinterest is a social media platform that is less known and used among businesses, but just as important, if not more important. Pinterest can be easily used to market cooking events. Why Cooking Event Businesses Should Use [...]

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