Team building activities to connect your event crew should be an important part of your team training. How your event team works together plays a vital role to the success of your events and your company in general. Actionable activities for team building should be a priority and can help your team learn to work together. When all of your team members interact and respond as a well-oiled machine, you can depend on them event after event.

If your team members don’t get along or don’t interact as a team, then the success of your event can’t be ensured. As a result, you’ll end up checking behind everyone, hesitant to delegate tasks and suffer from elevated stress levels.

A professional team not only knows their job and everyone else’s so they can cover for each other, they have team spirit. All of these aspects are important to running an event f0r excellent results.

Team Building Activities to Connect Your Event Crew

Whether your team is newly organized or has been together for some time, team building activities are still beneficial. These activities can strengthen the team’s bonds and trust and help them function as a team.

Team Decision-Making Processes

This activity shared by Charity Team Building is a team challenge for making decisions.


The team has survived a plane crash and find themselves on a tropical island. The team must come up with a list of 12 essential items. Team members must approach this exercise as though they had foreknowledge they would crash and end up on a tropical island.

  • The 12 items are ones they would have brought with them in preparation for such an accident.
  • The 12 items must be from your office building.

The purpose of this challenge is for each team member to learn how to negotiate, collaborate and eventually agree as a team on which 12 items will be included on a list.

  • Divide the team into groups of 3-5 (depending on team size).
  • Each item added to the list can only be added by a unanimous vote.
  • Team members must then rank the 12 items according to importance. Team members must agree unanimously on this ranking.

Once the list is completed, each team member will be asked about one or more items and must be able to adequately defend its inclusion on the list. This will require that each member has a clear understanding about the importance of each item and the reason behind its ranking.

Truth or Lie

When I Work recommends a favorite actionable activity that builds trust through team members getting to know each other.

  • Each team member is given four identical blank pieces of paper.
  • Instruct each person to write down three true things about themselves and one lie.
  • The lie should not be obvious. An example of an obvious lie would be, I’m an astronaut. It should be a subtle lie, such as I love coconut, when the person hates coconut.
  • Each team member has a turn to read the four items.
  • Once finished, the team will discuss which ones they believe are true and which one is the lie.

This exercise nudges team members to open up about themselves by sharing three truths. The lie is also insightful since it reveals how teammates view the person. Those misconceptions dissolve as the game progresses. This is also a great exercise for any employees to overcome shyness around team members and learn more about themselves as well.

Zombie Escape

Charity Team Building offers another great team building activity that’s guaranteed to be fun, especially for those who enjoy the zombie genre. This activity isn’t designed for newly formed teams and works best with teams that are fairly comfortable working together.

The purpose of this activity is for your team to practice their creative problem-solving skills.

Prep Work for This Activity

  • Rope: This is tied around waist of team member designated the “Zombie”.
  • Large Room: This room must be clutter free preferably without furniture; however, you can provide the team with chairs, table, paper, pencils and other tools if needed to work on the challenges.
  • Stop Watch or Timer: To time every five minutes.
  • Key: Symbolic of the team being able to “unlock the door” to escape the zombie. Hide it in the room before team members arrive.
  • Puzzles/Obstacles/Problems: Devise puzzles/obstacles/problems the team must solve. For example, you can have a physical puzzle they must solve or an industry related challenge specific to your work as well as non-work related obstacles.

How to Play

The team’s goal is to solve the puzzles/obstacles/problems before the zombie reaches them.

  • Zombie: Select a team member to be the zombie. Tie the zombie up in one corner of the large room with a couple of feet of rope so he/she can move a little into the room.
  • Team members: Set team members in an opposite corner from the zombie. Team members are presented the first challenge while you start the timer for five minutes.
  • Every five minutes, release one foot of rope so the zombie draws closer to the team.
  • Each time the team solves the puzzle/obstacle/problem, they receive a hint about where you hid the key.
  • The game ends when either the team completes the challenges and finds the key or the zombie touches one of the team members symbolizing a zombie eating all the team members.

Team Building Improves Attitudes and Work Output

You can easily improve employee relationships and make your team more cohesive by periodically holding a few team building activities to connect your event crew. Both you and your team will be rewarded by creating a better work environment and realize progress in event successes.