If you want to get your entire event planning team on the same page, the best way to do that is with team building events. Team building events allow participants to understand where each person’s strengths are and what that person brings to the table. Good events can also help teach cooperation and even conflict resolution.

When to Team Build

The great thing about team building activities is that you can do them at a planning retreat that lasts an entire weekend, or you can moderate short team building activities that can be done at the beginning or end of a meeting. You already know it is important the everyone be on the same page before the event begins. Team building activities just get everyone cooperating and working together.

Before you start, set a goal. What do you hope to accomplish with this particular activity?

5 Best Activities

When it comes to team building activities, there is no shortage of ideas. You’ll find multiple website offering different activities, many of them very creation. There have been entire books written on team building. Local retreat centers probably know a few team building skills they can share as well.

To save you some time, we’ve scoured the Internet and narrowed down the list to 5 excellent team building activities that will help you train your team to work together.


Over on Wilderdom, they have detailed instructions for how to play this team building activity. In a nutshell, participants are given a group of pictures that are all mixed up. They must reorganize the photos so that they tell a story that makes sense. Have each group then choose a leader to explain the story to the other teams. This teaches them to work together and hopefully listen to each other as people race to put photos in order and in the right place.

Game of Possibilities

Do you have a group of people who seem unable to converse with one another. Get the conversation going with this simple activity that uses a napkin in a charades like game. The goal is to show how everyone can interpret the same thing differently just from people’s actions.

Zombie Escape

Do you have some Walking Dead fans in your group? This game appoints one member to be a zombie. He tries to get the other team members and they must avoid him by answering questions correctly.  Watch out, though. This activity might give you nightmares.

Two Truths and  Lie

This is a time tested team building/icebreaker game. This would be a good one to play the first time the team gets together. Basically, the person tells two true things and one lie about themselves. The other players have to figure out what the lie is.

River Crossing

This looks like an interesting team building activity that requires cooperation. Basically you create a “river” from squares and then people must use cardboard squares (boats) to cross the river. In order to get across, they are going to have to think together and work together. Everyone on the team must make it across.

These activities are an excellent way to start building communication skills with your team members. A team that communicates better now will be able to handle crisis later during the actual event.