Team building events can solve a number of problems you might have within your company. A huge number of American employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. 80% state they are stressed over work. 70% say they do not feel engaged. With the high cost of training and attracting the top candidates, it makes sense to try to retain the employees you have.

Those companies who take the time to engage their employees can see an increase in revenue by 2.5 times. This is where escape room events can come into play. Your employees will have so much fun with this type of team building exercise that they won’t even realize they’re working.

Planning Team Building Event

When planning your team building event at a local escape room venue, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Hold a managers’ meeting and figure out what team skills you want your crew to work on. Problem solving skills are a big part of the escape room experience.
  • Assess employees for strengths and weaknesses.
  • Divide employees into teams based on the things they need to work on, but also creating a balance so they can see that some have different skills than others and how those skills can be used to work together. You may want to consult with escape room staff for input on how to best accomplish this.
  • Decide if you’ll travel to an out of town escape event and make the experience a company retreat or if you’d like to attend a local venue.
  • Try to choose a theme that most of the employees relate to. There are various escape room themes, from escaping a dungeon to surviving in a forest filled with werewolves. Which one would work best for your employees to teach them the skills they most need?
  • Prepare your team for how to work as a team. Tell them they must communicate with one another, that they’ll need to choose a leader from the beginning, and that they need to think outside the box.

Preparing for the activity a week or two in advance will give you better results than if you just show up on the day of the event.

What to Expect

When you arrive at the event, there are some things you can likely expect no matter where you’re attending the team building exercise.

  • A ticking clock will be set that will have a set time on it. Most escape rooms go with a standard 60 minutes, but this can vary.
  • Before the clock is set, the teams will be given a scenario so they know what situation they are in, how to find clues, and what they’ll need to do to escape.
  • Once the clock is set, the group is on their own. They will have to figure out who is in charge and work together if they want to escape the room.
  • Some escape room venues offer food and drinks after the exercise is over.

Although details may vary from place to place and from scenario to scenario, those are the basic expectations you can have for an escape room team building event.

After the Escape Room Trip

Finally, to get the most from your escape room trip, you’ll want to do a few things after the exercise.

  • Host a meeting and have employees share what they learned from the experience.
  • Hand out awards for the team that escaped the fastest, etc.
  • Explain that you formed the teams the way you did to improve weaknesses and highlight strengths. Don’t call anyone out and embarrass them, but point to specific strengths and weaknesses the entire crew has.
  • Ask if the employees have any additional suggestions for improved team building events in future.

By following up, your employees will gain the most benefit from the experience possible. Escape room team building is a fun concept that your employees should enjoy. Bringing your employees together and forcing them to work as a team will strengthen relationships.