If you haven’t already started to plan your New Year’s Eve bash to help promote your business, now is the time to do so. You still have time to plan a fun event and invite your favorite customers or influencers in your community, particularly if you run any type of event venue business. Here are some ideas for each type of possible venue and how to promote.

Paint and Sip New Year’s Eve Bash

If you own a paint and sip event service, think about what your typical customer might most enjoy out of a New Year’s Eve bash. Obviously, you’re going to host it longer than you would on a typical paint and sip night. Try to think of the evening as being in two parts – the painting part and the sipping part.

Painting Portion of New Year’s Eve Bash

For the painting portion of your bash, the participants should get a chance to create an amazing finished product to take home. Don’t just limit yourself to canvas though. Think outside the box here about what you could let attendees use a stencil on or personalize as a memento of the evening. For example, have them paint:

  • Champagne glasses
  • Wine barrel lid
  • Serving tray
  • Sign for front door

Think about the types of things you’d like to take home and display for visitors and you’ll find the perfect item to have them paint. It is important you do this first thing in the evening so that items have a chance to dry and party-goers have a chance to enjoy the midnight countdown.

Sipping Portion of Bash

If you are planning to serve alcoholic beverages, first make sure your liquor license allows for this type of event. It is a smart idea to collect car keys at the beginning of the evening. If anyone is too tipsy to drive, you don’t want to be responsible for them hurting themselves or someone else. Be up front that if anyone has imbibed too much that you will happily call them an Uber, but they will have to get their keys the next day.

Provide plenty of snacks, a live band or excellent DJ, and make sure you have a screen or large TV set up so everyone can watch the ball drop and countdown to midnight. Also, take plenty of photos and have a photo booth as you’ll use this as additional promotion of your events.


Cooking Class Bash

Many people go out to dinner for New Year’s Eve and then try to figure out where to go to ring in the new year. You are going to give them an amazing dinner they help cook and then you’re going to let them ring in the new year with some tasty desserts and a lot of fun.

Cooking Up Dinner

Choose something simple that couples can work on together for your cooking portion of the bash. This might be something as simple as spaghetti and meatballs or a steak and sides. Give them all the teaching tools and tips you would normally offer in a class and be sure to tell them about other classes you offer and when. Let them enjoy the food they’ve cooked.

Party It Up!

After everyone has eaten, offer them an amazing dessert buffet. You can offer simple things such as small cakes to dip in a chocolate fountain or a variety of desserts. Try to go for things you’ve cooked ahead of time. The rest of the night can be filled with games, karaoke, dancing, and counting down to midnight. Again, if you plan to serve alcohol, be aware of what is going on around you and if necessary secure car keys and Uber or cab rides.

How to Promote to Your Customers

Because planning a New Year’s Eve bash is going to cost more money than a traditional event, and is going to require more of your time, you will need to charge more per head. Be sure to include additional alcohol costs or offer an open bar and charge a bit for costs. Don’t forget costs such as DJ/band and decorations. Once you have your price and times set:

  • Send a note out to your mailing list and let them know you have a limited space event on New Year’s Eve. You’ll be surprised how many people are still looking for somewhere to go on New Year’s Eve!
  • If that doesn’t fill up the slots, go ahead and start promoting on Facebook and other social media. You may want to take out a Facebook ad and target local residents between specific ages.

More than likely, your event will fill up quickly, but if not celebrate with those who register and be prepared that you might spend a little money throwing an amazing party, but word will get out and you will get more business from it in the future.

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