A traditional way to present visual aids at events is via power point presentations. However, there are some situations where PowerPoint isn’t the best choice. Fortunately, there are some excellent non PowerPoint presentations available.

As Nick Morgan states on Forbes recently, “there are thousands of presentations every day, everywhere around the world.” The majority of them are done with PowerPoint. Unfortunately, most PowerPoint presentations are predictable and can be a bit boring.

Tools to Create Non PowerPoint Presentations

Perhaps you can’t get the typical PowerPoint template to look the way you want. Or, maybe you just want to do something a little outside of the box to show your audience a different side of your topic. Whatever the reason, here are some alternatives to PowerPoint that will make others sit up and take notice.


PowToon gives you the ability to create animated cartoons. You can communicate even dry topics with animated characters and text sequences. So, instead of a bunch of bullet point facts, you can use storytelling. You can also embed the video clips into your website so that attendees can access them later. The biggest advantage of PowToon is that it is free. However, there are some styles that require an upgrade to use.


Prezi is a well-known PowerPoint alternative. When it comes to non PowerPoint choices, this is one that the majority of people turn to. Instead of going from one slide to another, you can have an entire map up and simply zoom into the different areas. This works well when presenting to an audience where you might need to quickly go back to a visual aid or a short video clip later in your talk. The biggest advantage of Prezi is that it can be accessed from any computer. This allows you to collaborate with others who might want to add to your presentations. The main drawback is that to access the different presentation templates, you have to pay a monthly fee.

Google Drive Slides

If you haven’t yet discovered Google Drive for all your presentation and workshop needs, then you’re truly missing out on a great tool for collaboration and creation. Google Drive now offers an area specifically for creating slideshows. You get enough free space to create a number of slides, which makes this free software.

The advantage of Google Drive Slides is that you can keep everything on the Google cloud. This means you can access your slides from anywhere and complete edits on the fly. You can also bring others into the process to add animations, charts and even to do some fact checking for you.

If you want to export the slideshow for offline viewing, you can export as PDF, PPTX and as an image. You can also simply share them online or embed into a web page.


SlideDog isn’t technically a PowerPoint alternative, but it can combine a number of elements from your presentation to keep you from having to open multiple forms of software and hop back and forth between music, slideshow and PDFs. You can combine all of these into one interactive presentation.

The biggest advantage to SlideDog is seamless playback. The disadvantage is that it isn’t a slideshow creation tool. It simply combines presentation elements into one playlist.


Sparkol.com is home to VideoScribe. What this tool does is allow you to take some basic sketches and mesh them together into an animation that presents the idea you’re going for. It is essentially a whiteboard animation that the attendees see as it is created. This can really hold the attention of the audience during key points that might otherwise be boring, flat facts.

The look of a real hand drawing the animations gives your presentation a custom feel. The advantage? Something truly unique that would cost you thousands to have someone create from scratch. The disadvantage? Unless you plan to utilize it often, the cost of $27/month can add up. However, you can just pay $665 and get access to VideoScribe for the life of the site.

These are just a few ideas to take things up a notch from the same old PowerPoint presentations. If you want your workshop to stand out from the others, try implementing a few of these non PowerPoint tools.

Photo Credit: Frank Schulenburg via Wikipedia Creative Commons

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