One of the best marketing tools for an escape room business is the company escape room website. Due to the competitive nature of the industry companies understandably guard their escape room information. Another factor is preserving the mystery for clients.

Message in Seconds

According to the five second test, you have that much time to make a lasting impression on visitors. This impression is called visual appeal and according to the studies, that first impression will remain with the visitor even on repeat visits.

#1 Visual Appeal for Your Escape Room Website

It isn’t enough to simply have a website. You need to organize and layout your landing page so it has an immediate impact on visitors. This visual appeal should clearly reflect what your business is all about.

#2 Slideshow on Landing Page

This first impression of visitors is an excellent opportunity for an automatic slideshow that introduces visitors to various game scenarios your company offers. Select photos of players in different escape room scenarios that will tease imaginations and excite visitors to participate.

#3 Video Clips

You can also include a sidebar with video clips of specific escape room themes that visitors can click on to find out more information. Include a teaser in the caption and hover text that whets the appetite to know more.

#4 Specials and Coupons

If you are having a special pricing, be sure you have a banner announcing this to visitors. If you offer a discount coupon for those who sign up for your email, a slide-in banner should include this information with a specific percentage or dollar amount of the discount.

#5 Limited-Time Offers

If you are trying to increase your bookings, then offer a time-limited discount in an attention grabbing graphic on the main page. You can time this to click-on, slide-in banner on a brief few seconds delay. This allows visitors to get a clear snapshot of your overall webpage.

#6 Pricing and Times

You want clickable links visible and easy to maneuver on the landing page. You can use graphics to announce these pages that can be reached by clicking on the infographic.

The event times should be readily visible with another graphic that when clicked takes the visitor to an information page. This could feature a booking calendar in the center of the page framed by various tidbits of information about your escape room, such as etiquette, cancellations, scenarios and other info you wish to convey.

#7 Company and Contact Information

People are naturally curious about a business and it helps to create a greater connection when you include a little company history with cameos of the owners and staff. Let your company culture shine through for a genuine feeling. End with contact information or a link to this page.

#8 Customer Reviews and Press Kits

You can include a scrolling box of customer reviews on the homepage. Select phrases or sentences from customers. This can be a clickable link to a page featuring full reviews.

An online press kit can save time and increase your Internet presence. You can download it onto your webpage either in HTML or PDF format.

Creating a Visually Appealing Website

When you begin to create or revamp your website, be sure you have excellent visual appeal to visitors. Engage your targeted audience and encourage them to test out your new look and provide you with feedback. You can then assess if your escape room website hit its mark. You can easily integrate AE’s event management system into your website to track registrations, groups, mailing lists, and more.