Out of the thousands of events that are planned each year, yours may seem like a bit of sea foam in a huge ocean of possible events that attendees can attend. Some niches are even more competitive than others. However, you can make your event stand out from the crowd with just a few small adjustments.

Ways to Make Your Event Stand Out

Social Media

Many people these days are using social media to promote their events. However, you can take this a step further and host a Twitter Chat to get everyone excited about the actual event. Hosting something unique can create interest and help you stand out.

Well-Known Speakers

Do everything you can to get at least one well-known speaker engaged in your event. This person will ideally be someone a lot of people want to hear from. If he or she has a strong social media following, touch base and ask if he would be willing to share info on his social media feeds about your event and that he’ll appear there.

Offer a Bonus

Offer a discount to people who attended last year as a thank you. Offer some type of bonus to those who register early, such as a ticket to a special welcome banquet or a small discount.

Ask Regulars to Guest Blog

Do you have regulars that attend your event year after year? Ask them to share their experiences and knowledge with others and post it on your blog. This will not only allow them to share what they know, but will show them you appreciate their expertise and support.

Choose a Unique Venue

Want to really make your event stand out? Choose a venue no one else has tried. What about a weekend retreat in a remote location with team building activities as well as workshops? That might entice entire companies to attend.

Ask Sponsors for Help

Your sponsors want their product to be in front of as many people as possible, so ask for their help promoting your event. Ask them to mention it in the company newsletter and to release press statements about the partnership.

Have a Concert

Hire a local up and coming band to play at your event. Not only is this fun for your attendees, but people in the area where your venue is located may sign up for the conference if they are on the fence about attending. You’ll also get a lot of extra promotion when local media covers the band being at your event.

Help a Charity

Team up with a local charity and help raise money for their cause. Not only will you be helping the local community, but you’ll likely gain some positive PR as well.

In addition to these ideas to make your event stand out, you also will want to stick with the tried and true techniques of getting a good event promotion page up including an easy registration process.