In our mobile-centric society, the demand for mobile apps that serve nearly every function is large. This doesn’t stop when it comes to apps that enhance an attendee’s experience during an event.

Event apps are able to fulfill many purposes. They can help event professionals plan and manage events. They can also make it easier for attendees to navigate the event space or maximize their event experience. A mobile app can facilitate networking and collaboration. It also allows for easier and more robust event data collection, so event professionals can figure out which aspects of the event worked and which didn’t.

If you’re thinking about a mobile app attendees can use during events, there are a lot of choices out there. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Choosing a mobile event app is all about examining what features your events could benefit from and how these fit into your budget. While there are many good options, choosing the best will depend on your particular needs.

Here’s a list of the top event apps to improve attendee experience during events. Note: This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list of every event app available. It includes some of the most popular and highly rated options out there.

7 Event Apps Attendees will Love

#1. EventBase

The first event app on the list, EventBase has free, premium, and enterprise levels. The premium app includes promotional placements, social media integration, notifications, and embedded content like videos. Attendees can also view interactive maps to navigate the event space and create personalized agendas.

#2. EventMobi

EventMobi allows event professionals to create a customized app. It comes with multi-language support, personal attendee agendas, and the ability to connect with other attendees based on interests, job title, or “first timer” status. Alerts, surveys, and private in-app chatting are all features of EventMobi.

#3. CrowdCompass

With CrowdCompass, attendees can save personalized bookmarks, receive notifications, and share photos with other attendees. It also has event-inclusive social streams for attendees to keep up with the latest buzz during event. It comes with in-app surveys, interactive maps, and the ability for attendees to create custom schedules.

#4. Attendify

Another event app, Attendify, allows event professionals to build custom apps with features like content management, private social networking, and digital event guides. With real-time notifications, quick polls, and private messages, this app offers many useful features. Also, data collection allows you to quantify engagement and identify event influencers.

#5. QuickMobile

QuickMobile has many features that promote connections and collecting information on attendee experience. With this event app, attendees can match up with likeminded peers, complete event surveys, and exchange contact information instantly. Other features include event-based games and mobile session Q and A.

#6. EventAtlas

With EventAtlas, attendees can connect with speakers and peers, rate sessions and leave comments on them, and manage their personalized event calendar. Attendees can use high quality floor plans to find specific locations. More advanced versions of this app can include QR code scanning and custom branding.

#7. Guidebook

Guidebook offers several different customized apps, including event apps. An interaction social feed, instant push messages from event management, and real-time feedback are features of Guidebook. In addition, event businesses can take advantage of in-app sponsor promotions and instantly update changes to the event speakers, sessions, or schedule. With this service, event businesses can create a custom app with the features they want.

This list includes 7 of the best event apps to create a better experience for your attendees and increase engagement. With features that enhance networking, data collection, navigation, and more, during events, these apps can supercharge your event business.