Many event planners recognize that using loyalty programs to drive registrations to their events is a viable tool for increasing revenue. More importantly, loyalty programs keep clients engaged and active with reasons to continually return to your website and events.

How Loyalty Programs Work

A loyalty program offers clients/customers advantages whenever they become repeat customers. There are many options available for creating a loyalty program that fits your business.

One example is allowing attendees to earn points each time they register for an event. advises when building a loyalty program that it’s easy to aim for a “Multi-Channel Loyalty Program with a measurable goal in mind.”

Loyalty Program Goals

The goals for your loyalty program will dictate the channels you create. You can keep it simple by rewarding with registration points or expand your existing loyalty program to include rewards for other activities, including purchasing merchandise.

First, focus on driving traffic to event registrations and then retain customers/clients through other loyalty incentives. By incorporating these additional goals, your marketing campaign can increase to promote these new incentives. Each time you add another activity, product or event, you can add specific loyalty points.

Loyalty Points for Event Registration

When promoting an event, include the incentive of collecting a set number of loyalty points that can either be accumulated for a larger discount amount or can be instantly applied to the current registration fee.

Incite attendees to garner these loyalty points with a Call To Action (CTA). These include:

  • Offers of additional points when registering, such as early registration and first day registration.
  • Offer loyalty points earned for participating in specific events, classes and other activities.
  • Associations Now (AN) suggests event planners can “drive behavior” during events by offering additional loyalty points for “visiting certain booths or attending particular sessions.”

How to Promote Your Loyalty Program

A CTA can also be used to motivate registration via an email notification or through social media.

  • Attendees can earn a set number of points, such as 10, for online registration.
  • Offer referral points for each person referred who registers for your event(s).
  • Attendees can earn more points when purchasing tickets for special events or activities within an event.
  • Frequent attendees can also be rewarded with additional points.
  • AN suggests those attending an annual event, such as “three years in a row” can earn more points.
  • If you have monthly or quarterly events, you can tailor the required number of previous events attended within a set time-frame in order to earn extra points.
  • AN further suggests that you can offer an extra loyalty bonus to those who’ve attended a set number of events in the form of a free pass for one guest to attend the next event with them.
  • AN advises reviewing your database to identify attendees who’ve “attended five events in the past year” and then offer them special loyalty points when they register.
  • Reward frequent attendees with loyalty points that give them free admittance to a special activity within your main event or a special VIP event.
  • Event hosts can allow attendees to cash in their points toward the registration fee.

A loyalty program can increase revenue. For companies wanting to do more than boost revenue, a good loyalty program will help retain customers. concludes that a good loyalty program will help companies build “long-term customer relationships and continued sales increase.”

Engage and Retain Customers

While you can create a multi-channel loyalty program, experts advise that you streamline it and keep it simple. All processes for collecting and redeeming loyalty points or coupons should be seamless for attendees.