Have you thought about using video to market your event? According to Statista, in the January, 2013, YouTube had 124 million unique viewers streaming video content. Not only has video content traffic been growing, but Cisco predicts it will continue to grow in their “2014 Complete VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast for 2013-2018”. By the year 2018, Cisco states that 84% of all Internet traffic will be made up of video content.

With so many people streaming videos on their computers and mobile devices, it only makes sense to utilize this medium to promote your event.

What Type of Video You Need

Think about the type of videos you like to watch online. There are several reasons people choose to view a video:

  • For entertainment
  • To learn something new
  • To see a favorite celebrity

The last thing that viewers want to see is another infomercial. Just like when you offer blog content, you want to offer something of value to your site visitors. This will encourage viewing and you can add a short blurb to the end of your video promoting your event.

Information Example

You are putting on an event for local small business owners. You create a video that teaches them how to conduct interviews that will find the best employees ever. At the end of the video, you add text along the lines of:

“Want more great lessons on how to run a successful small business? Join us at our event on April 12th in downtown Miami.”

You’ll want to embed a click-able link so they can go right to your website and get more information.

The more valuable your video, the more likely it is to be shared on social media, which can up the number of times your video is views and potentially your registrations.

Celebrity Endorsement

Do you have a popular keynote speaker? If you have someone speaking who is either a celebrity or famous in your industry, have them record a short endorsement of the event and end it with a plug to come see him at the event.

Again, include a click-able link where they can get more information or register for the event immediately after viewing the video.

Where to Post Your Video

While YouTube is a popular venue for hosting your online video, it isn’t the only place you should get the word out. Here are some other places to consider for your promotional video:

  • Your local cable station may agree to run your video for a small fee or even for free. Contact them and ask.
  • Vine is popular with younger adults, but the length of the video allowed is super short (seconds, rather than minutes) and humor is more popular with this crowd than anything else.
  • Vimeo hosts more professional looking videos and has free and paid account options with different features.
  • Your website (this might seem obvious, but is easy to overlook when trying to get the word out)
  • Facebook page for your company/organization
  • Slideshare – PowerPoint type presentations
  • Flickr – Known for photo sharing, the site also allows you to share videos. Like Vimeo, the site has free and paid options.

Another idea is to allow your mailing list to opt in for a video sent via SMS or email. The key is to entertain your audience, get them to realize the value of what you have to offer and then remind them that you offer even more at your event.

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