In the past, event planners used binders to plan out events and stay on track. However, with today’s tools, an event binder really isn’t needed anymore. With a heavy binder, you run into issues such as:

  • Having to carry around a cumbersome binder to meetings
  • Potential to lose the binder and lose everything you’ve worked on
  • Difficult to browse for a specific item as you can’t search digitally
  • The only way you can share is to physically copy the binder

In today’s very technological world, there are a large number of apps and tools that can be used. Of course, if you prefer to go old school, you can also integrate these tools with the traditional event binder.

Tools to Replace Your Event Binder

There are many tools you can lose that you can easily share online with others or which you can access from a smart phone.

# 1: Attendee Events

Obviously, here at Attendee Events, we offer event planning software that will replace many of the tasks you once would have placed inside a physical binder. For example, you will have a running list of conference attendees, list upcoming events and even integrate them with your website, and automate reminders and confirmations.

# 2: Live Binders

If you like the overall layout of a binder but not the bulk of one, you might want to check out Live Binders. This site allows you to create a digital binder for planning purposes. Although the site was created for educational style binders, it can easily be used for any purpose, including event planning.

# 3: Evernote

Evernote is a great digital planning tool because you can access it from any device, including your smart phone. To use Evernote, you simply create a “note”. The note can be a page of text, a photo, a voice memo, an attached file, or even a webpage. It can easily be searched, added to a notebook. Imagine setting up different notebooks for different aspects of your event, such as workshops, third party services, teams, etc.

# 4: Online Meetings

In the past, you may have planned in person meetings and taken notes by hand. Consider how much more effective a meeting on Skype or Go To meeting would be. For example, a text meeting on Skype will create an instant record that you can refer back to anytime you’d like. You can also have a team meet in an online chat room and keep a log of the meeting.

# 5: Appointment Reminder

With a traditional binder, you’d add a meeting or other upcoming planning session to your paper calendar. Yet, why use a paper calendar when you can set reminders to be sent to your email or via SMS? Appointment Reminder is one of these programs. Set it and forget it until it comes time to complete the task or take the meeting. You can even set AR to remind the person you are meeting with.

# 6: Tom’s Planner

Tom’s Planner is an online planning tool that allows you to create Gantt charts. It will also break down a project into its parts and help you stay organized with what’s been completed and what still needs to be done. Tom’s Planner can be accessed from multiple devices, including mobile devices.

# 7: PAAM

PAAM is a tool to help you recruit volunteers and organize them. It automates the process so that you can focus on other tasks at hand. Since you’ll likely already have a pool of potential volunteers, you can also use them to connect with new ones for each event. You can easily set up events that will be going on during your conference and then assign volunteers to cover each task.

As you can see, if you want to completely ditch your event binder, you can easily do that and go completely digital. Attendee Events will help you get started with automated registrations and other event planning tools.